dinsdag 11 april 2017

At hawthorn time - Melissa Harrison

Applebuds blooming, hazelcatkins. Laburnum buds starting to grow, sirenes on the mainroad in the background, first tractor in the fields.

I haven't participated in a bookcrossingring for quite a while, due to working in a bookstore and getting preselling copies of books to read I had to sell. I stopped working there, and one of the reasons was that I wanted to focus on my own books again. This wasn't a book I would normaly pick up, and is about people I normaly do not read about, like a pensioned couple or a young guy tuning a car. I had a take my time to get into the book, but after this I liked it very much.

I read this partially while being on the Dutch farmlands tending three dogs, walking them in the farmers fields, and the last part in the sun on my balcony.

As it is the right season to read this book I have asked for toothfairie25's address allready.

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