maandag 11 april 2016

Javatrekker - Dean Bean, euh I mean Dean Ceacon

Dean wordt in dit boek door allerlei mensen Bean genoemd, of nog leuker, Mr. bean.

The first time I came accross -coffee- was not long ago, when I was with a friend drinking coffee in a new coffeebar called 'Press' (because it is situated in an old printing press building. We normaly drink blends ofcourse, as you get these in the organic store overhere. So in Press we both had a coffee from beans from a different country. When we got them we sipped and then changed our coffee's and sipped again. We were astonished by the difference of flavour, from deep coffee that tasted like a bean to a fruity acidic cup that was like a berry.

Our book, the literary book from the Lowlands, that everybody in school has to read and do a report on is Max havelaar, and is about the abuse in the coffeetrade in Java, written in the 1800's. The book was like a literary bestseller and did stir up the coffeemarket procedures of that time.

Javatrekker felt for me more a travelbook, of Dean traveling to remote places where they happen to grow coffee. Interesting is how small contributions can make a difference to a whokle community. I made some Kiva loans to coffee entrepeneurs due to this book. His bussiness was far ahead of the growing bussiness were making profit is not the sole basis, but making the world better is, and profit is less dominant.

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