vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Deogratias - Stassen

My Bookcrossing journalentry:
I read this Graphic novel in the train to my parents and brother to celebrate our two birthdays. I was a frequent reader of graphic novels, so the visual language was easy to grasp for me, and, maybe due to the fact I live near Belgium, the former Rwandan colonizer, I got my share of news of the Rwandan genocide.
I liked the literary quality of the graphic novel, in a sence a coming of age novel. Deogratias is portrait as a juvenile is, very insecure, but an air of self-confidence to everyone. What happens to him, and the others around him, is to hard for him to recover from. It's a hard story, worthy to bet told. I liked the way it was told, present to past and present again. I think it made Deogratias a more interesting character, because you take his actions in the present back to his story in the past.

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